about Crofton

Crofton Cookware brings luxury cookware design and performance into home kitchens at affordable prices. Launched under ALDI’s respected brand name in 2002, our mission is making professional-grade pots, pans, bakeware and utensils accessible for passionate home cooks.

By collaborating directly with top Asian manufacturers and using high quality materials like durable stainless steel and aluminum, we deliver exceptional cookware meeting and exceeding industry quality standards, backed by rigorous inspections.

We believe reliable, lasting cookware should be attainable for every cooking enthusiast. That’s why our collection offers features usually found in premium brands, like even heating, versatile oven-to-stovetop usability, easy cleanup, and durable construction. We handle manufacturing so you can experience pure cooking joy.

Browse our thoughtfully designed cookware catalog, driven by our commitment to supplying affordable luxury for all. It’s time to give your culinary ambitions the stylish, high-performing tools they deserve. Welcome to the Crofton kitchen experience!

The Crofton difference provides pure cooking pleasure with PFOA/APEO-free nonstick interiors distributing heat evenly for perfect results. Our durable, oven-safe designs offer versatility to transition seamlessly from stovetop to oven up to 400°F. Achieve desired cooking outcomes through your preferred techniques. We also offer easy, efficient cleanup with durable coatings.

Discover the Crofton difference – affordable quality cookware designed to elevate cooking!